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The Mega Sale is on!

From today (Sept 24th) until end of day PST on the 28th, is the Mega Sale. 14 of the Aeon 14 books are on for just $0.99, including the 4-book Intrepid Saga collection!

Check it out! 

Big updates on the way to the site

As many of you may have noticed, the glossary, timeline and wiki on this site has fallen behind. A lot. However, that's all going to change. I've hired an expert at creating this sort of content to begin going through the books and drawing out the sorts of information the already on the site, and in the book's appendices, but also other information, like common drinks at different places, styles of government, throughout the stars, and a host of other details.


So very behind on news!

I could have sworn that I had posted here more recently than May 26, but the data doesn't lie, that was the last time. 


Surprise Free Novella!

I have a little surprise for you. I was going to put this novella into an anthology, but that book didn't happen, so I'm giving the novella to you FOR FREE....

The fall of the Sol System begins here.

There's a TON of new Aeon 14 coming your way in the next few months. My rough estimate is around 10 new short stories, novellas, and full-length novels by October....

Destiny Rising out, and just $0.99

Today, at long last, Destiny Rising is out! I'm running a sale for a few days at $0.99. I wasn't planning on doing that at first, and I didn't warn folks not to get it at the pre-order price of $6.99. So, if you want the lower price, I believe you can return it and then re-buy at $0.99....

Catching up

Whew! What a few weeks. The release of New Canaan was a smashing success, it reached all the way up to number 425 out of all the books on Amazon. So far folks are loving it, giving it an average of 4.8 stars on Amazon, which really warms my heart. Whenever an author releases a new book there's always a day or so of worry that no one will like it--but not the case here!...

New Canaan is now available!

Get it today (April 2nd, 2017) for just $0.99!...

Get Yer Listenin' On!

Today, book 2 of The Intrepid Saga, A Path in the Darkness, came out on Audible! It's narrated by Khristine Hvam who really nails Tanis and the cast of characters, and gets the subtle by-play between Tanis and Angela. 

Outsystem (book 1) is already out as well. Building Victoria and Destiny Lost are coming May 28th and June 28th respectively.

Outsystem on Audible ($2.99 if you already have the ebook).
A Path in the Darkness on Audbile ($2.99 if you already have the ebook).

New Canaan Snippet #4 - Ascension

Three months after the Intrepid left the Bollam’s World System

<Bob, I need to talk to you.> The request came directly into his mind over a secure connection, one which would not be visible to any AIs on the ship other than the one who had just addressed him.

Read the full snippet