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Catching up

Whew! What a few weeks. The release of New Canaan was a smashing success, it reached all the way up to number 425 out of all the books on Amazon. So far folks are loving it, giving it an average of 4.8 stars on Amazon, which really warms my heart. Whenever an author releases a new book there's always a day or so of worry that no one will like it--but not the case here!

With New Canaan out the gate, my focus has turned to getting Close Proximity, the book I'm co-authoring with Chris J. Pike off to the editor. I just have 30 more pages to go, so with any luck it will see the editor early next week--once Chris has reviewed all my changes and suggestions. I'm really liking the story. It's tale on a smaller stage where you'll get to know the players before it really starts to blow up in book 2 and 3 of that series.

However, I also spent some time with the Delta-Team, a humorous story I have in the Pew! Pew! anthology. Delta-Team is a group of four mercenaries who work to right the wrongs in the Orion Arm, and usually manage to pull it off. Click here for a snippet of the first Delta-Team story.

Oh, and there's that little thing I'm working on called Orion Rising ;)