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Destiny Rising out, and just $0.99

Today, at long last, Destiny Rising is out! I'm running a sale for a few days at $0.99. I wasn't planning on doing that at first, and I didn't warn folks not to get it at the pre-order price of $6.99. So, if you want the lower price, I believe you can return it and then re-buy at $0.99.


Destiny Rising is, by and large Outsystem the way I originally intended it to open: On Toro, with Tanis kicking ass and taking names. It has several "deleted scenes" form the book, such as Tanis's husband walking out, her initial interview for colony placement, and Amanda's transformation into one of Bob's avatars.

The "Sol Dissolution" story that used to be in my newsletter welcome for awhile is also mixed into the opening.

There are also two little snippets with Myrrdan that are pretty interesting as they lead into some stuff in Orion Rising (book 3 of he Orion War series). I took a bunch of the Myrrdan/AI plot out of Outsystem when I first wrote it because I was worried it left too much hanging, but now that I'm closing the loop on that (well... sorta) it makes sense to have it in the Outsystem time frame.

The other cool thing is that the entire book is in chronological order. There are no flashbacks, and we have the Mars scene where Tanis picks up the pico, Jessica's introduction, etc... are all in the right places.

So, if you're a fan, and you want to fill in the gaps, then $0.99 is hard to beat!