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The fall of the Sol System begins here.

There's a TON of new Aeon 14 coming your way in the next few months. My rough estimate is around 10 new short stories, novellas, and full-length novels by October.

One of the things that I've only mentioned once or twice in my newsletter (www.aeon14.com/signup) as well as listed in my books, is a new series called The Sol Dissolution.

This is an expansion of a short story I wrote about a battle Joe fought above Makemake about 10 years before the Intrepid left the Sol System. This story is now in the beginning of Destiny Rising.

Aside from providing some backstory as to why Joe wanted to get the heck out of Sol, it shows that the foundations of the Sol Space Federation are weak and crumbling.

Well things are about to get worse.

The Scattered Disk has been fomenting rebellion for some time, and elements on Venus have also been growing restless. In the initial Sol Dissolution Story, we learn that the government of the Scattered Worlds Alliance (which controls most of the scattered disk) plans to begin building a secret military force. They also start agitating other groups in the system.

One of the key people in this movement is Katelyn Evans (Joseph's sister). She will figure large in the side of the fight that is trying to break away.

On the other side of the fight are the men, woman, and AIs of the Terran Space Force. Premiere amongst those are the Force Recon Orbital Drop Marines. We met a number of them in Outsystem, most notably Staff Sergeant Williams.

Williams has been promoted to Gunnery Sergeant, and he is back on Venus where things have flared up again.

The Sol Dissolution series will be told in short stories and novellas that highlight key aspects of the Fall of Sol, and the first of them is contained within an anthology called The Expanding Universe Vol. 2

TEU2 will be hitting shelves on June 15, and the story of Williams and the Marines is called Venusian Uprising.

You can grab it on pre-order here: http://amzn.to/2qEAFAv