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Human Culture Amongst the Stars

One of the great things about writing science fiction is that it can contain most other genres. You can have romance, drama, horror, suspense, even fantasy and westerns can be wrapped up in sci-fi. Even better you have the option to explore diverse cultures and ideas within the genre because infinite worlds means that there are infinite scenarios.

Thus far in Outsystem and A Path in the Darkness the story has followed a relatively standard futuristic western society, though the books only contain the slightest glimpse into what civilization in the Sol system is like in the 42nd century. However, humanity has spread far from it's home star in Tanis's time and not all of those ventures have gone well for the colonists. Systems near to Sol, such as Alpha Centuari, Tau Ceti and Sirius have been colonized for many centuries, even millennia at the time of the Intrepid's departure from Sol.

In the 3rd book in The Intrepid Saga we're going to see one of these other colonies and meet its people. The star system is Sirius where Sirius A is a massive blue giant that spews anger and radiation out into the cosmos. It is the brightest star in the night sky from Sol and an obvious choice for a place to mine raw resources, but not a nice place to live. But in the shelter of the white dwarf remnant, Sirius B, things aren't so bad. Once Sirius B was the more massive of the two stars, but it burned even hotter and brighter and not too long ago (in astronomical terms) went nova and blew off its outer layers. Now only the hot, super dense, core remains. But that core has a strong magnetic shield and those living on the worlds and habitats surrounding Sirius B have things pretty good. Not so the miners who work the platforms around Sirius A.

Needless to say equality is not present between the two groups and, in Building Victoria, we'll meet Markus, administrator of mining platform SK87. Markus will witness an event that pushes him over the edge and he plans to do something drastic to set things right.

You may find yourself wondering why, when the crew of the Intrepid is on their way to New Eden they find themselves building Victoria. Book 3 in The Intrepid Saga will be out this fall and you'll find out.