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New Canaan Snippet #2!

A second snippet of New Canaan coming your way. Remember, these are uneditied snippets for you to enjoy before the book comes out on April 2.

Also, a kickass image from The Art of Space


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Sera had moved on to embrace both Nance and Cheeky at the same time, and Tanis stood by with a smile until Cheeky reached out and pulled her in.

“Finding you in that crate was the best thing that ever happened to us,” Nance said when they separated. “I know I’ve been…touchy…from time to time, but I want you to know I feel that way.”

“You guys finding me was pretty damn good for me too,” Tanis said with a laugh that the others joined in on.

She looked to Sera and saw that the smile wasn’t quite reaching her eyes. Tanis knew how hard it would be for Sera to send her own crew on a mission which she could not join—she felt the same thing for Jessica. Yet there here they were, ready to embark on a hunt across the Arm for a man who would help secure the future of the Intrepid and its colonists.

<You keep them all safe, Sabrina,> Sera said over the Link to the ship’s AI.

<Of course I will,> Sabrina replied. <You forget that I am invincible with these shields.>

<Don’t get cocky,> Cargo added. <Us weak organics have to leave the ship from time to time.>

<And some of us live in those organics,> Piya, Cheeky’s AI, added.

<I know, I know,> Sabrina sighed. <I’m just excited to fly again. I know how Thompson feels, we’ve been here too long. I need to roam the stars.>

“Then no overlong goodbyes,” Sera said and walked to the bridge’s exit. “Good hunting, and good luck.”

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