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New Series and Reading Order

I've had a few questions about the reading order of the books that are out, and those that are on their way. I figured that it has been a bit since I blogged, so I thought this could be a good topic.

The first four books in Tanis’s journey, grouped into “The Intrepid Saga” are complete. However, if you read the note at the end of the 4th book, Destiny Lost, you’ll know that there’s more to come. The next major series will be entitled “The Orion War” and I expect it to have four books and wrap up in early 2018.

I want to make The Orion War accessible to new readers and not start off with too much backstory, so I’m releasing an anthology of short stories on Dec 23, 2016 that will help bridge the gap between the two series and tie up a few loose ends. The anthology is titled “Set the Galaxy on Fire” and consists of 4 stories that take place during the end of Destiny Lost and in the months following.

So, the reading order for these books is as follows:


  • Book 1: Outsystem
  • Book 2: A Path in the Darkness
  • Book 3: Building Victoria
  • Book 4: Destiny Lost
  • Anthology: Set the Galaxy on Fire


  • Book 1: New Canaan
  • Book 2: TBD
  • Book 3: TBD
  • Book 4: TBD

But wait, there’s more!

A special book called “Leaving Sol” will be coming out in February (maybe March) which is an extended edition of Outystem with over 100 added pages, combined with A Path in the Darkness, and restructured to have all the elements occur in chronological order (no flashbacks).

This extended edition, rather like my director’s cut, starts with Tanis’s battle on Toro, her divorce, and subsequent application for a colony position. It also tells of Joe’s battle over Makemake where he also decided to leave the Sol System—some of you may have already read that story if you’re in my newsletter. There is also a segment which follows Amanda as she gets turned into one of Bob’s avatars.

Something else that is brewing is a long-awaited tale of the Marines from the 4th Platoon, Bravo Company, 8th Battalion, 242 Regiment. These are the men and women who served with Tanis on Toro, and again on the Intrepid as it was preparing to leave Mars. Four years ago, in the back of Outsystem, on the 3rd-to-last page, I promised more of them, and its coming.

The stories of the 242nd Marines will take place after the events of Outsystem, and they will dovetail with the stories of the Sol Dissolution. What you’ve glimpsed, and what you’ll see more of, is that the Sol Space Federation is falling apart. No longer do the Terrans hold enough power to keep the Marsians, Jovians and Scattered Worlds under them. Sol is fracturing, and two of Joe’s sisters, Katelyn and Rory will be instrumental in its fall. The first installment of that story came out in serial form in my newsletter, and is now going to be in the Leaving Sol extended edition, but the upcoming tales will be full length.

Following that, there are more stories to tell of the Victoria years. A lot was left on the cutting room floor in an effort to keep the story moving, and get you to Destiny Lost. I plan to write at least one full length novel about other events that took place while the Intrepid was at Kapteyn’s star.

In the mix, as well, is a story that is being co-authored with another writer called “Close Proximity”. This story takes place in the Silstrand Alliance after Tanis leaves and upsets things with a power vacuum from The Mark presence weakening, and the nano tech she sold in Silstrand. This is an all-new story with a new heroine who is quite different from those we’ve met thus far.

Last, or perhaps first, there are two series coming that follow the events of the Sentience/AI/Solar wars in the last 2000s and early 3000s. These wars are the genesis of the Sol Space Federation, and the Phobos Accords. There are likely going to be six books in this series.

Finally, I plan a tale tentatively called “Endgame” which will wrap up Tanis’s story in a massive Tome…though I already have ideas for what her adventures beyond that may look like.

All-in-all, I think that this will total 22-25 books, which will be coming out over the next 2-3 years! I’m excited to write them, and know you’ll be excited to read them.