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The Seasons of Perseus Gate

Some may have noticed a subtle change in the last covers of the Perseus Gate books regarding the series name. Actually, there were two changes, though one was not quite as subulate.

The first, more obvious change, was the addition of Cheeky to the cover, wearing the "Got Milk?" top we first saw her in back at the beginning of Destiny Lost. Initially she wasn't there, but some of the fans (I'm calling you out, Heather) really wanted to see Cheeky on a cover, so she made an appearance. I'm really glad we did that. Cheeky is one of my favorite characters, and I know that she's one that everyone likes as well.

So there she is, in all her Cheeky glory. It took a bit to find the right picture to put on the cover and not trigger any 21st century sensibilities, but I think we pulled it off nicely.

OK, so Cheeky aside, here's the second change: The series name itself. Some of this is a repeat of what is in the forward for the 6th Perseus Gate book, so I'll try to keep it brief. 

The first six Perseus Gate books were a bit of an experiment. I had to write the story of Sabrina going deep into Orion Freedom Alliance space, and so I had to write the the book you now know as The Gate at the Grey Wolf Star, as well as the book coming out next week, The Final Stroll on Persus's Arm. I could have combined them into one book, cut New Canaan roughly in half, and then carried on my merry way.

But I wanted to tell more stories about the crew and their time in Orion Space. I mean, they traveled about as far toward the rim of the galaxy as any human ever had and then took a journey across half of human space! I couldn't pass up the fun yarns that were waiting in there. It was a bit of a risk for me, though. There were a ton of firsts all piled into one. It was the first time I'd ever tried to write a series of novellas (books under 40,000 words/150 pages). Heck, except for The Girl Who Touched the Stars, and the Battle of Bollam's World stories, they were my first novellas ever. Oh, and Rika Mechanized. OK...so I'd done a few. Still, none of those were HUGE successes. 

The other first was getting a custom model shoot done for the series with a new cover designer (so costs would be higher, while I had no idea if people would read the books). Oh, and I threw in a new editor for good measure.

I'm happy to say that the experiment was a grand success. Since June 22nd, just shy of 15,000 Perseus gate books have been sold and read!

I am exceedingly grateful to you, the readers for diving into these stories with me. They have been an utter blast to write, and we got to see some truly amazing things far out on the fringes of settled space. 

So then, what's the subtle change?

Why it's the re-titling of the first six Perseus Gate books as Perseus Gate: Orion Space! The first 6 episodes are now bundled into "Season 1". The next season, entitled "Perseus Gate: Inner Stars" and begins with the crew of Sabrina getting a new mission that will take them back into the Inner Stars where their first grand adventure occurred.

Last time, I knew what the end goal was. This time, we'll see where their adventure leads them together. I'm sure it's going to be a fantastic ride.

If you haven't yet started the Perseus Gate journey, you can do so with The Gate at the Grey Wolf Star, which is only $0.99. 
If you've read the first five, then the sixth installment, The Final Stroll on Perseus's Arm, will be out on Dec 13th, for $2.99 and on sale for $0.99 from Dec 17th to the 20th.

Finally, when you've read book 6, and have also read Orion Rising (which I imagine many of you already have) then you can preorder book 1 of Perseus Gate: Inner Stars: A Meeting of Minds and Bodies.


Thanks for joining me on the journey through the Perseus Arm and Orion Space!