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So very behind on news!

I could have sworn that I had posted here more recently than May 26, but the data doesn't lie, that was the last time. 

At that point I wrote to tell you about Rika in Rika Mechanized, and I've released something crazy like seven books and novellas since then. Two of them with co-authors and the rest solo (well, never really solo, there are a lot of people that work very hard to get these books into your grubby little digital devices.

But today I want to tell you about the latest Aeon 14 book to hit the shelves, Rika Outcast. 

I first got the idea to write about Rika when I was watching an episode of Killjoys. It's the one where they first meet Clara, who has a wonderful gun-arm (named Alice). Clara is a cyborg, but not a willing one. She was made that way by a bunch of unpleasant folks who operate out of a place known as The Factory. 

It got me thinking. What would it be like to be a cyborg. Not like "oh cool, I can shoot shit with my arm" but more like "I can't open doors or feed myself if someone takes my arms off." Now imagine they do this to you and make you fight a war. They strip away your humanity and use you as cheap meat running a machine. 

That's Rika. But that's not all Rika is. She's a survivor. She has an undeniable will to carry on. Half the time she doesn't know why, but she's glad she does.

Ultimately, Rika is Outcast, but ends up in the Marauders. And so I give you book 1 of Rika's Marauders: RIka Outcasts. 

This was one of the hardest books I've ever had to write. Rika is broken, she's wounded, she goes through more than most people can imagine, but she'll find a place in your heart if you give her a chance. She means a lot to me, and I hope she'll mean something to you as well.

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