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What's on the horizon?

There's a lot coming your way in 2017. I've been on this journey creating the Aeon 14 universe since 2009, and its incredibly exciting to see it really taking shape.

As I write this, there are just 4 books and 1 anthology out in the wild (plus a few assorted short stories here and there). However, that's about to change dramatically. Here's a glimpse into my publishing schedule this year.

First off, I have a seconardy proofing editor running through all the published books, cleaning them up so that they're bright and shiney. That's pretty important, because (other than the obvious reasons) the first four books are all getting made into audiobooks. The first, Outsystem, is already released on Audble, so if you like to listen to your sci-fi, you should check it out. A Path in the Darkness will be released March 28th, and then the following two books will be released at the end of the following months.

At the same time, I have the next book in The Orion War series coming out on April 2. If you've been reading the series for awhile, you may be surprised that I say "next". Originally Destiny Lost was the fourth and final book in The Intrepid Saga, but I moved it to be the first in the next series. So now New Canaan will be book 2 in the new series. This book really ramps things up, expanding the canvas across the entire sphere of human expansion and sets things up for The Orion War to get into full swing.

Just two months later, the thrid book in The Orion War series will be out. It's entitled Orion Rising, and you can see it's cover with this post. The next two books in that series will also hit this year in August and October.

Before all that gets into swing, a passion project of mine is going to hit the shelves. This is the book Destiny Rising, which is Outsystem and A Path in the Darkness as I had originally intended them to be structured, all the flashbacks are in chronological order, plus there is over 100 pages of new content. It really puts the story together in a much cleaner fashion and my beta readers are really happy with it.

Another set of stories that have been percolating in my brain are what I have been calling "The Sol Dissolution". This is a set of tales chronicling the fall of the Sol Space Federation. There are going to be stories set within all of the major factions that will eventually weave together. The first batch is going to follow Staff Sergeant Williams, who you may remember from Outsystem.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Chris J. Pike joining the Aeon 14 crew to help co-author the Perilous Alliance series, which you can read more about below.

I think that's all that is bubbling up to the surface right now, but don't you worry, there's a lot more kicking off with Aeon 14 right now, and I'll share it with you soon.