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Hired Gun

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Reece is all about her Akonwaran whiskey.

Well, that, and a good fight. If her job doesn’t give her enough opportunity, her best friend Kippy will hustle up a brawl for her at his bar.

Most of the time, she’s busy enough as a corporate fixer to keep her satisfied. Some people call her a bounty hunter, and she does do a lot of hunting people down. Her expertise goes much deeper than that, though, she demands a steep price for it.

When her boss assigns her an unwanted partner, Reece is further dismayed to find that he’s a gen-mod from outside the retro zone. The last thing she wants to do is be a mentor to someone like that. She’ll scrape him off if she can.

As they chase a rogue scientist out of the Machete system, she’s looking for a way to get rid of him. That endeavor takes a backseat when their search for the scientist takes them into greater danger than either of them bargained for.

She’ll have to move fast and shoot straight to get out of this one.

A hired gun goes where the job is, and doesn’t ask too many questions.

Date of story: 
03.17.8948 to 04.15.8948