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Close Proximity

When Tanis Richards sold her nanotech in the Silstrand Alliance, no one could have imagined the chain of events she would set in motion.

Gedri is one of the star systems in the Silstrand Alliance…sort of.

Controlled by several crime syndicates, most of what goes on in there is the opposite of legal. The Silstrand Alliance government stays out of the system as much as possible, only intervening when things really fall apart.

That makes it the right sort of place to disappear in, or to make a quick buck. 

Kylie Roads wants both. She makes her living salvaging abandoned ships left over from pirate attacks on the edges of the system—Gedri has its fair share of pirates too. Some of the hulls are legal, most aren’t.

When a salvage job goes bad, Kylie finds herself on the opposite end of a gun.

Holding that gun? Silstrand Alliance military, the very people that Kylie wants to avoid. 

Accused of attacking the ship they are salvaging, 
Kylie makes a deal to go deep into the Gedri System on a rescue mission—it should be simple, in Gedri, nothing is as simple as it looks. 

With her ex as the military liaison, Kylie takes her crew on the most dangerous mission of their lives. Rescue the girl, defeat the crime syndicates, and pray the military holds up their end of the bargain.

Date of story: 
08.21.8948 to 09.16.8948