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A Surreptitious Rescue of Friends and Foes

The attempted coup is over, but Virginis is far from secure…

While the inner system is secure, the AST holds Virginis’s outer worlds and stations in its grasp. One such station is Chittering Hawk, where a freighter carrying rescued AIs has recently been forced to dock. The AST storms the ship and kills the captain, but one AI and two crewmembers escape.

Meanwhile, back on Cerka Station, Jessica and Cheeky head out to sample the station’s wares after doing their part to save it. But their outing is cut short when a call for help arrives from an old crewmember who is in dire straits.

Now the crew of Sabrina must venture into outer Virginis and perform a daring rescue, all while ensuring the AST remains none the wiser about the their presence.

If they can pull it off such a surreptitious rescue, that is….



Date of story: 
04.30.8948 to 05.06.8948