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Race Across Spacetime

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Race Across Spacetime will come out a bit later than initially expected (likley in October). This is because I plan to write both it and Return to Sol back to back without a deadline so that I can take the time to tie up all the loose ends and connect all the dots as this story comes to a close. 

Also, there is another trilogy to follow Orion War, so this tale is still far from over.

Lastly, if you read Starfire, you know that there were a number of important events that I didn't have time to fit into the book--largely because they became their own book! These events are what happened to both Jessic and Sera on missions Tangel sent them on. I'm giving you this book for free (but dont' read it before Starfire because it's all spoilery). However, this book isn't quiiiite done yet. So, sign up here for a special mailing list and I'll let you know when its available.