Vesta Burning

Sentience Wars: Solar War 1

A fire simmers in Sol...

For decades the Psion AIs have lain dormant on Ceres, seemingly content to hold their single InnerSol world without moving deeper into the system—but that's about to change.

After decades of failed diplomacy, Weapon Born AI Lyssa knows that Psion is preparing to make a move and she keeps vigilant watch over their actions. Meanwhile, Marsian special forces, Sol data hackers and smugglers from Cruithne all find reason to turn their eyes toward Vesta.

Vesta—the largest asteroid in Sol, and home to countless ruins, miners, junkers—and secrets. The oblong rock is nearing Ceres, coming under increasing scrutiny as the militaries of InnerSol converge, driven by a potential end to the decades-old standoff between humans and AIs.

And a beginning to war.

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Vesta Burning