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Glossary: People

Abby Redding is the Chief Engineer on the Intrepid. She is responsible for all aspects of ship's maintenance and upkeep.

A dancer Tanis meets and interrogates in the club, "The Human Condition", on Cruithne.

Markus’s assistant as administrator of the SK87 mining platform.

Amanda is a physical avatar of Bob, the Intrepid's AI. She operates as the avatar in a 90-day on/off rotation (shared with Priscilla). Her role is to interface with lesser beings (humans) so that Bob does not have to dedicate as much time dealing with mundane matters.

Amy Lee started her tenure with the Intrepid as an MCSF Lieutenant responsible for dockside security on the Mars Outer Shipyards (MOS). She was accepted onto the colony mission and became part of Tanis's core team in the Security Operations Center (SOC).

A fully sentient military intelligence AI embedded within Tanis's mind. Angela and Tanis have a deep, symbiotic relationship beyond what most human-AI pairings achieve.

TBI Security AI on Cruithne.

CEO of the STR Consortium based on Callisto.

Captain of the TSS Arcturus.


Bob is the Intrepid's ship-borne AI. He is a powerful, multi-nodal AI who oversees all aspects of the Intrepid's operations and management.

Edener engineer who ran the main groundside Victorian refinery outside Landfall.

Commander of the Intrepid’s First Marine Battalion, Bravo Company. Eventual commandant of the ISF Marine Corps.

Battalion AI for the 242 FROD Marines.

A fighter pilot from Sol, Carson is with the Andromeda when it battles the three Sirian scout ships.

Lieutenant in the Mars Security Force assigned to the Intrepid to handle network security.

Captain in the Cruithne police force.

First lieutenant in the GSS acquisitions department.

The AI who operates the ISF Andromeda.

Dasha is a class 3 AI who prefers a mobile, human-style conveyance. She is the elected governor of Makemake and is serving her third term during the conflict stemming from the TSS Normandy arriving in 4113.

Sergeant in the MOS Security and liaison to the Intrepid.