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Although Airtha has fallen, much work remains…

While Allied forces deal with the aftermath of the Airthan Ascendancy, Tangel turns her gaze to Orion. Stopping their advance on the Transcend and the Inner Stars is the key to ending the war and bringing peace to the galaxy.

But the road will not be easy. Jessica and Trevor jump to Star City, hoping to enlist the aid of the Bastions, but the core AIs have other ideas. Meanwhile, the team led by Cary encounters unexpected roadblocks when they find that another power lurks behind General Garza. Worse, efforts to correct the paths of the stars in the Praesepe Cluster's will require infiltrating a core AI outpost.

Circumstances are dire all across the front, forcing Tangel to choose where she will lend aid and where will descend into chaos.

Orion Front - Signed Print Edition