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Aberrant Ascension

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This novel takes place after War on A Thouand Fronts in the Orion War series, and is a crossover with Andrew Dobell's Star Magi books.

Morden is out for revenge and returns to Cerka to recruit a powerful ally.
But Amanda is hot on his heels, and with Tanis to help, plans to end Morden’s destructive rampage forever.

When Amanda hears that Morden has returned to Cerka Station, she fears what the Reaver might be up to, and set’s off to hunt him down, but suspecting she might need some local help, she first goes to find her friend Tanis.

Travelling between star systems with a team of ISF Marines, Tanis agrees to help her universe hopping friend.

When the pair arrive at Cerka Station, they discover that Morden has recruited a powerful ally that could finally help him take his revenge.

Full of universe-hopping action and adventure, the worlds of Tanis and Amanda collide in this pulse-pounding third instalment of Quantum Legends.