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The Girl Who Touched the Stars

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The privateer Elizabeth and its crew have found the ultimate pay-day; a hidden vault, deep in the ruins of New Austin on Luna. Braving the Grecians who prowl space near Earth, they descend deep into the moon to find a treasure greater than they had ever imagined.

But their escape will not be easy, and when Captain Althea makes the call to jump to faster-than-light travel, one of the artifacts from the vault activates and rips the Elizabeth from its place in space and time.

Quinn is just minding her own business—which means fighting the English and protecting Ireland from Queen Elizabeth’s greedy cronies. But this night things aren’t going so well. The English have attacked Blackrock Castle, and Quinn is fighting for her life to defend it, along with a woman she just met, Lady Fiona.

Quinn and Fiona would have both died in the attack on Blackrock Castle, if not for the aid of a mysterious stranger with weapons and armor like none they had ever seen before.

If you love Quinn and her adventures aboard Grace O’Malley’s ship, then you’ll love this peek at what really happened that night at Blackrock Castle and how Quinn’s actions shaped the world we live in today.