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Origins of Destiny

Storming the Norse Wind

Tanis Richards and the crew of the TSS Kirby Jones have been patroling the edge of the InnerSol asteroid belt for eleven months. Her crew is tired, they're low on food and equipment, and ready to return to port for refit and repair. But before they do, a freighter is passing through their patrol space. It's named the Norse Wind and the Cune Port Authority has reason to believe the ship is carrying contraband requiring boarding and seizure.

It should be a simple stop and grab, but at the end of a long patrol, things rarely go right.  

Tanis Richards: Shore Leave

It'll take two minds to solve this mystery...

Commander Tanis Richards has finally come into port after a seven month tour on the edge of Jovian space, and she's looking forward to some much deserved shore leave. But Tanis's commanding officer has other things in mind for her.

Tanis Richards: Masquerade

Someone just killed Tanis Richards and replaced her with an Infiltrator Chameleon.

While finally getting some much-needed shore leave on Mars, Tanis gets a message from Harm Ellis with instructions to go to Ceres and hunt for a missing operative . . . except she never makes it.

At least, that’s what she’d like her would-be killers to think. 

With Darla’s help, Tanis goes deep undercover, tracking the Infiltrator Chameleon from world to world, only to discover that it intends to kill a head of state in her name.

Tanis Richards: Blackest Night

In OuterSol a handshake often comes with a knife in the back.

It's been six months since the events on Europa. During that time, Tanis and the crew of the Kirby Jones have been working to uncover who was behind her betrayal and the oligarch's near assassination.

When a routine intel handoff with the Jovians takes a turn for the worse, Tanis finds herself deeper in the spy game than she ever wanted to be. 

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Tanis Richards: Kill Shot

It's time to find out who is behind the turmoil in rocking the