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The Orion War

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The Orion War Books 1-3 Omnibus Edition

In the distant future, one ship's appearance will set the galaxy on a course for war.

Note: Though the Intrepid Saga omnibus also contained Destiny Lost, this collection contains Set the Galaxy on Fire to offset this duplication

An ancient general and a freighter captain must join forces and defeat all challengers if they are to reach the Intrepid in time to save it from the enemies gathering at Bollam's World.

Contains: Destiny Lost, Set the Galaxy on Fire, New Canaan, Orion Rising

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To Fly Sabrina

Long before Sera rescued Tanis, she built and trained her crew. The first hire? A young pilot named Cheeky.

Destiny Lost

Sera leads a simple life. 

A little smuggling, some drinking contests, and captaining her star freighter, Sabrina. But when she picks up a mysterious shipping container on Coburn Station, things begin to go wrong. She finds herself at odds with The Mark, a dangerous pirate organization that wants the cargo on her ship.

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Set the Galaxy on Fire

A Tales of the Orion War Anthology

The battle of Bollam's World is over, but war now looms over the Orion Arm of the galaxy. The arrival of the most powerful ship in human space is about to set the galaxy on fire.

Bollam's War

The battle of the five fleets rages in the space surrounding Kithari in the Bollam's World system. A specter, barely detectable, slips through the battle, sowing dormant missiles and unleashing devastating attacks on the enemy.

New Canaan

Tanis Richards has spent half her life on the Intrepid, guiding the great colony ship, and its two million passengers, across hundreds of light-years. She has risked life, limb and those dearest to her to get this far.

Now she’s within reach of her goal; the New Canaan System, and a normal, stable life. The kind she's only dreamed about. The only remaining hurdle is to strike a deal with the Transcend Alliance and trade the Intrepid’s advanced technology for the star system.

If only things were so easy.

Orion Rising

The war will come—it is inevitable.

After centuries of struggle, the ISS Intrepid has finally brought its colonists to New Canaan, a star system better than any they imagined. They made landfall and began to build their new home, far from the troubles of Sol and the Inner Stars.

Yet no one in the Orion Arm has forgotten that the colonists possess the most valuable technology known to humankind, least of all Tanis Richards—as she secretly prepares to defend New Canaan against any and all aggressors.

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Ignite the Stars

This book is intended to be read after Orion Rising

A look at the days following the Defense of Carthage, and some memories of days gone by. Join Tanis, Joe, their three daughters, and many others across the New Canaan colony as they clean up after the battle with Orion, and prepare for what is yet to come.

The Scipio Alliance

The Battle for New Canaan is over, but the war has just begun…

Tanis and Sera have taken the I2 to Khardine, the new capital of the Transcend, and must now travel to the Inner Stars and meet with Scipian Empress, Diana—who they hope will be an ally to the Transcend.

With the Trisilieds Kingdom, the Hegemony of Worlds, and the Nietzschean Empire all aligned with the Orion Guard—not to mention a civil war brewing in the Transcend—they will need all the help they can get to secure the Inner Stars. 

Attack on Thebes

The drums of war thunder across the stars...

The final negotiations between the Silstrand Alliance and the Scipian Empire are complete, and it's time for Tanis and Sera to part ways. 

War on a Thousand Fronts

The Allied fleet has stopped the Nietzscheans at Pyra, but the battlefront grows wider day by day. 

While Sera distributes the Transcend's fleets to protect the alliance, Tanis must come to grips with what happened to her on Pyra's surface. In addition, Bob conveys a number of hard truths that will force her to re-think her role in humanity's future. 

But the allies' enemies are not sitting idle. General Greer, Justin, the Caretaker, and Airtha are all advancing plans to see their visions of the future come true.

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Precipice of Darkness

In the core of the galaxy, a darkness begins to feed....

The Allies have solidified their hold on the Large Magellanic Cloud and turn their sights on the Inner Stars and Perseus Arm. With forces spread thin, they must depend on superior technology and quantum entanglement communication to retain their edge.

But their enemies have not been idle. 

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Airthan Ascendancy

Though Xavia has been defeated, new enemies rise to take her place.

Tangel is still reeling from her battle with the ascended AI, but she still needs to complete her negotiations with the League of Sentients and bring them into the Alliance. Once that agreement is in place, the Alliance will be in a position to hit the Hegemony on multiple fronts, beginning the process of defeating humanity's oldest empire. But unbeknownst to Tangel, a force of Widows is present on Lunic station, eager for the opportunity to derail that agreement though Tangel's death.

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The Orion Front

With the civil war in the Transcend over, the focus moves to the Orion Front.

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In an effort to end the war, Tangel prepares starfire.

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Race Across Spacetime

After the events of Starfire, there is just one remaining empire that stands between the Alliance and the end of the Orion War. 

Or is there?


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Return to Sol

The journey comes full-circle, and the I2 returns to Sol.