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Perseus Gate Season 2 - Inner Stars

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A Meeting of Minds and Bodies

A journey is completed, a new mission looms...

The crew of Sabrina has finally made it to New Canaan. It should be a time of relaxation and rejoicing, but following the Defense of Carthage, Tanis has a new task for them to complete. 

Not everyone will join in this journey; new bodies and minds board the ship as they embark on one of the most important missions of all. To stop the third Sentience War before it starts.

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A Deception and a Promise Kept

No one ever said stopping a another sentience war would be easy...

Attacked on Cerka station with lines of communication down, the crew of Sabrina must engage in a station-wide battle with foes both physical and ephemeral in an attempt to save Virginis from itself.

While Jessica, Usef, and Trevor take on the physical threats, a dire enemy waits for Iris and Amavia to step into its expanse. Both groups will need to achieve victory if Virginis is to remain in the fight.

All the while, the Hegemony forces circle in the outer reaches of the Virginis System.

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A Surreptitious Rescue of Friends and Foes

The attempted coup is over, but Virginis is far from secure…

While the inner system is secure, the AST holds Virginis’s outer worlds and stations in its grasp. One such station is Chittering Hawk, where a freighter carrying rescued AIs has recently been forced to dock. The AST storms the ship and kills the captain, but one AI and two crewmembers escape.

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1 - 3

A Siege and a Salvation From Enemies

Contains the first three books of Perseus Gate Season 2: Inner Stars

1. A Meeting of Minds and Bodies
2. A Deception and a Promise Kept
3. A Surreptitious Rescue of Friends and Foes

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A Victory and a Crushing Defeat

Though the crew completed their daring rescue, consequences loom.

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A Trial and the Tribulations

Following in their footsteps from Virginis, the crew of Sabrina finds themselves in a bit of a pickle...

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A Bargain and a True Tale Told

With a hold full of liberated AIs, the crew travels into unknown territory to bring them to safety.