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The Sol Dissolution

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Venusian Uprising

The Sol Space Federation has dominated humanity’s home system for over a thousand years.

Forged in the wake of the Sentience Wars, the federation has created a period of unprecedented peace.

But that peace is fracturing.

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Assault on Sedna

The Diskers have not gone quietly into the night...

Decades have passed since the failed coup on Venus, but now the separatists in the Scattered Disk have resurfaced. With a fleet far larger than any suspected, the rebels take Sedna and proclaim it the capital of a new, Free Disk Alliance.

But the Federation is not above using the full might of their military to bring errant worlds back into line. The TSS Normandy is once again dispatched to restore order--no matter the cost.

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The Hyperion War

The Scattered Disk Alliance has fractured, but with that has come the knowledge of who is really behind the Sol Dissolution.

Now all eyes turn to Jove as the war that will come to Sol takes hold there.

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The Fall of Terra

The war for secession has carried on for decades, battles raging across the