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Sentience Wars - Solar War 1

Vesta Burning

A fire simmers in Sol...

For decades the Psion AIs have lain dormant on Ceres, seemingly content to hold their single InnerSol world without moving deeper into the system—but that's about to change.

After decades of failed diplomacy, Weapon Born AI Lyssa knows that Psion is preparing to make a move and she keeps vigilant watch over their actions. Meanwhile, Marsian special forces, Sol data hackers and smugglers from Cruithne all find reason to turn their eyes toward Vesta.

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Eve of Destruction

A thirty-year stalemate between humanity and the Psion AIs is ending...

But the AIs have not been idle. Their agents are everywhere and the seeds of rebellion and dissent have taken root. Humanity’s home system is a powder keg, and when the match is lit, all of Sol will erupt.

Cara has been in prison for four years, her mind numbed by docility, unaware of what's been brewing. When a mysterious agent breaks her free, she finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue, double-dealing, and political machinations.

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The Spreading Fire

The board is set, the pieces are in place, the first Solar War has begun.

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A Fire Upon the Worlds

With the Jovians rushing to take Ceres, the Terrans must move to either destroy the AIs first, or perhaps work out a way to protect them.

Whichever action the Terrans take, Cara and Lyssa are rushing to collide at the world which the AIs destroyed and seized decades earlier, neither quite sure which side they are on.

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Shattered Sol

The battle for Ceres is over, but the battle for Sol has just begun...