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Corona Australis

This article refers to the Corona Australis Star Forming Region, not the constellation, which is visible to viewers in systems within 10-20 light-years of Sol.

Corona Australis Star Forming Region...

At a distance of only 130pc (424 light-years), Corona Australis is one of the nearest regions to Sol with recent and ongoing stellar formation. With a dense molecular cloud, and over 70 main sequence stars, the star forming region is rich with lighter metals and gas resources. While the region is well within the Inner Stars region, its distance from the galactic plane has placed it outside the more commonly settled regions. This is coupled with its high activity and new star formations, with many stars under less than three million years of age.

Enterprising explorers moved into the area in the early fifth millennia and today most of Corona Australis is controlled by the Australis Crown, a republic-style of demo-monarchy. While the republic is generally considered to be wealthy and powerful, due to their resource export business, the cost and risk of getting those resources is high, and gas mining in the region is high-risk work.

Further Reading: https://icueva.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/neuhaeuser-forbrich-corona-australis.pdf