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The Intrepid

Note: This article is still under active composition and fact checking.

The Intrepid...

The Intrepid is the largest interstellar colony ship ever built. It's construction began in 4214 in the Mars Outer Shipyards. and it was completed in 4123. The ship was initially designated as the GSS Intrepid because it was commissioned by the Generation Ship Service to travel to the New Eden System (82 Eridani). Though the funding for the ship was almost entirely supplied by the Enfield Corporation, a part of the agreement with the GSS for the New Eden System was that the ship would be reusable, and would return to Sol for more colony trips.

Sections and Specifications

The overall length of the ship is 29,400 meters, with the ship containing several distinctive sections.

Those sections, in short, are the dorsal section (often called the crew areas), the cylinders, the docks, the particle accelerator, stored reaction mass tanks, cargo containers, and the engines and engineering area (often referred to as just Engine).


The Intrepid carries two large habitation cylinders which rotate to create simulated gravity via centripetal force. The primary purpose of the cylinders is for them to be left behind at the New Eden colony when the ship returns to Sol for another colony mission. The cylinders each contain distinctive ecologies which are intended for transplantation to New Eden. While it ispossible (and was also the case) to store the seeds/DNA for any desired plant and animal life and transport them to New Eden without maintaining them for the journey, the cylinders functioned as a redundancy for both the journey and once the colony was established. The intent was also to create a pleasant orbital station once the colony was established.

With over 300 combined square kilometers on the inside of the cylinders, they contained forests, plains, lakes, rivers, deserts and several other distinctive regions.

Each cylinder is lit by a "long sun" which stretches the length of the cylinder's center.

The crew of the Intrepid gave the two cylinders informal names. The port-side cylinder is named Old Sam (often called Ol' Sam, or Ole Sam), and the starboard cylinder is L'il Sue (or Little Sue).

  • Length (exterior): 16,100 meters
  • Length (interior): 15,400 meters
  • Diameter (exterior): 4,000 meters
  • Diameter (interior): 3,400 meters
  • Circumference (interior): 10,700 meters
  • Area (inner): 165 square kilometers
  • Rotation: 0.65rpm
  • Rotation speed (internal): 136.5m/s
  • Simulated gravity through centripetal force: 0.944g

Dorsal Section

Named such because it resembles a dolphin arching over the docks, the dorsal section contains the main crew areas and administrative sections of the ship. Many of the machine shops, and ramscoop systems are also in the dorsal section.

  • Length: 14,300 meters
  • Width (max): 6,300 meters
  • Height (max): 1,100 meters


The docks are nestled under the dorsal section, with the main dock running the full width of the ship with access on either side.

  • Length: 6,000 meters
  • Width (max): 11,300 meters needs confirmation
  • Height (max): 5,100 meters


The region of the ship known by most simply as Engine begins at the rear of the cylinders and the stored mass tanks. Engine is largely self-sufficient with its own command areas, hospital, quarters, mess, etc....

  • Length: 5,200 meters
  • Width (max): 10,300 meters
  • Height (max): 8,450 meters

The ship has 4 main fusion engines (though there are hundreds of maneuvering thrusters all across the surface of the ship). There are two larger engines and two smaller engines.

Large engines:

  • 800 meters in diameter
  • 400 meters deep

Smaller engines:

  • 600 meters in diameter
  • 300 meters deep

Reaction Mass Tanks

The 4(?) tanks site behind the cargo containers and are each 3 kilometers wide and 2 kilometers long.

Cargo Containers

The 10 cargo containers hold the equipment and resources necessary to build the New Eden colony.

They are each:

  • Width: 3,000 meters
  • Height: 4,000 meters
  • Depth: 1,200 meters

Ram Scoop