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Terran Space Force Marines


In 4003, the Sol Space Federation (SSF) completed the final merger of its many military branches and created the Terran Space Force. The law effecting this merger was known as the Terran Military Unification Act. As a result, Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and Marine branches merged their ground troop branches into the Marine Corps. Because the Marines had long-since become the dominant human combat force in the SSF, the final stages of the move were largely perfunctory.

The TSF Marines embodied the long-standing traditions of Marines everywhere. Every Marine was a combat soldier and every officer came up through the ranks.

Because many elements of traditional armies and quasi-military security forces were folded into the Marines, two main branches of Marines emerged:

  • Marine Expeditionary Forces
    • Marine Force Recon
      • Marine Force Recon Orbital Drop (FROD)
  • Marine Core Security Forces

Ranks and Traditions

The TSF has roots in many of the old, national militaries. The traditions of the TSFM are most strongly based in the United States, and British Marine Corps. Officer ranks mirror those of the USMC, with the exception of the rank of captain, which was supplanted with commander.

The ranks below are the subset of ranks that the Marine Corps uses. To view the full list of ranks, read the Terran Space Force article.

Officer Ranks

  • O1 - Second Lieutenant
  • O2 - First Lieutenant
  • O3 - Commander
  • O4 - Major
  • O5 - Lieutenant Colonel
  • O6 - Colonel
  • O7 - Brigadier General
  • O8 - Major General
  • O9 - Lieutenant General
  • O10 - General
  • O11 - The Commandant of the Marine Corps (Typically a four star General)

Warrant Officers Ranks

  • (WO) Warrant Officer
  • (CWO2) Chief Warrant Officer 2
  • (CWO3) Chief Warrant Officer 3
  • (CWO4) Chief Warrant Officer 4
  • (CWO5) Chief Warrant Officer 5

Junior Enlisted Ranks

  • E1 - Private
  • E2 - Private First Class
  • E3 - Lance Corporal

Non-Commissioned Officers

  • E4 - Corporal
  • E5 - Sargeant

Staff Non-Commissioned Officers

  • E6 - Staff Sergeant
  • E7 - Gunnery Sergeant
  • E8 - Master Sargeant
  • E8 - First Sergeant
  • E9 - Master Gunnery Sergeant
  • E9 - Sergeant Major
  • E9 - Sergeant Major of the Marines