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General Membership

It doesn't cost anything to become an Aeon 14 member! Free membership grants access to a ton of awesome stuff. 

First-off, you'll get to join in the forum. You'll also be able to select the books/series you've read and access sections of the site that would otherwise contain spoilers. 

Members will also get access to a select number of short stories, backgrounds, etc....

Subscription Members

Subscription Membership mirrors the Patreon offerings. 

There are four tiers of membership that bill monthly, each offering their own additional benefits.

Priced at $1, $5, $10, and $50 each month, these subscriptions give members anything from short stories and wallpapers to special full books and special thanks in novels!

Welcome to the Aeon 14 Community! 
We're replacing Patreon with functionality built right on this site, which means that some features are for patrons only. 
For the time being, all patron content will be replicated both here and on Patreon, but as the end of May approaches, I'll encourage folks to swap over here!


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