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New Canaan

New Canaan is the eventual site of the Intrepid colonists settlement. The system sports four habitable worlds, and plentiful resources to support the building of several megastructures.

Praesepe Cluster

Several stories in the Age of the Orion War take place in the Praespe Cluster, which is one of the closest open star clusters to Sol. The red section is the FTL exclusion zone where Faster Than Light travel is not possible and only sub-light ships ply the black. You'll also note the encroaching Nietzschean Empire in the upper right.

Tyre - New Canaan System

Tyre is the closest planet to the New Canaan star (Canaan Prime) and is the only world that did not require major geoforming from the FGT. Instead, they spent more of their time honing the world and making it a true pleasure for the eventual colonists.