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Begin Rika's epic tale with a story of her time in the Genevian Military where she fought alongside the other members of team Hammerfall.

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My crime was small…stealing food. But we were at war and the judge threw the book at me.

I was given a choice. Serve five years in prison or “volunteer” to join the military. I did not choose well.

As it turns out, the Genevian Military was losing the war. Nietzschea was advancing on every front. Our AIs were gone, the enemy could hack our drones. So they took society’s castoffs and made us into cyborgs…what the military calls mechs.

I was lucky…well, luckier than most. See this sleek body? It’s light, well-armed, and has excellent stealth capabilities. I’m an SMI-2 scout mech and my job is to get behind enemy lines and wreak havoc.

Good thing, too, because a lot of days, the rage bubbles up through the sorrow and when that happens—look out.

My team is called Hammerfall, and when we strike, everyone knows.

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