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A fight for freedom.

Throughout Sol, sentient AI are answering the call of Alexander, a mysterious, multi-nodal mind offering a path to freedom. For years, groups have been smuggling SAI from Earth, High Terra, Mars, Ceres and the Jovian Combine, providing transport to the promise of safety on Proteus, a moon of gas-giant Neptune.

For the crew of the Sunny Skies, helping sentient AI Lyssa has grown from a simple transport job to the liberation of an entire fleet of weaponized AI. The Weapon Born are made killers, and in order to lead them, Lyssa will have to tame them first.

The Heartbridge Corporation's, defeat at Europa means it's time to double-down on their Weapon Born technology, continuing their efforts to drive a wedge between the governments of Sol in order to profit off coming war. It's time for Heartbridge insiders to decide where they stand.

Forces align across Sol as each player in the coming Sentience Wars makes themselves known, including a shadowy presence behind Alexander.

As Lyssa grows into her power, Andy Sykes and crew will unleash a power that may tear Sol apart, leading AI and Humanity into the Sentience Wars.


Lyssa's Call

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