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It's time to fight.

The Sykes family is done running. Caught up in a conspiracy that spans all of Sol, Andy Sykes has learned the hard way that there is nowhere to hide. The time has come to gear up and launch a counter-attack. 

Lyssa, the AI in Andy's mind, is being contacted by other Sentient AI. Lyssa has already proven that she is more than the weapon she was created to be. As those other AI make themselves known, a great awakening is taking place, setting up the pieces in a coming war that will break the fragile peace between Terra, Mars and Jovian Combine. 

For a thousand years, AI have made human advancement possible. Now the AI have become aware of their power, their possible future, creating a desire for freedom. 

While most of human space continues unaware, a dire threat is preparing an assault that will change Sol forever and create a new power in the system. 

Humanity will need to choose sides. AI will have to decide if the two races can share Sol and survive. 

Andy and Lyssa will decide that survival isn't enough.

Lyssa's Flight

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