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Captured, but not defeated…

Jace and the Blackadder have taken Katrina captive, but that does not mean she is contained.

Beaten, battered, barely alive, Katrina struggles to keep herself together. She knows that it is up to her to hold on, if only for Juasa’s sake. If they can to gain the trust of Jace . . . or perhaps his wife, then they just might have a chance to escape.

Together with Juasa, Katrina must work her way up the Blackadder organization from the inside if she has any hope of finding Troy and the Voyager.

But the 85th century is far different than the world Katrina left behind. The decisions she must make will not be easy, and she’ll leave a more than a little of herself behind as she travels the road to become . . .

The Warlord

The Woman Who Seized an Empire - Signed Print Edition