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Machete System Bounty Hunter

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Hired Gun

Reece is all about her Akonwaran whiskey.

Well, that, and a good fight. If her job doesn’t give her enough opportunity, her best friend Kippy will hustle up a brawl for her at his bar.

Most of the time, she’s busy enough as a corporate fixer to keep her satisfied. Some people call her a bounty hunter, and she does do a lot of hunting people down. Her expertise goes much deeper than that, though, she demands a steep price for it.

Book Number: 

Gunning For Trouble

The unthinkable has happened...

Reece and Trey must get to the bottom of a professional and personal tragedy—a violent attack on Reece's favorite whiskey distillery.

But as the pair dig into what happened, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a nebulous conspiracy that neither of them can sort out. 

When someone begins to attack fixers, the gloves come off. Reece is determined to find the culprits, and not another drop of precious whiskey will be spilled.

Book Number: 

With Guns Blazing

In the Machete system, the only thing you can count on is that you can’t count on anything. Except, maybe, your partner.

Reece and Trey go to war with their own company in this well-armed epic adventure in the Machete System Bounty Hunter series. If they can stay one step ahead, they might just survive.