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Rika's Marauders

Rika Mechanized


Rika is a scout mech, once human, now she is the property of the Genevian military.

Rika’s crime was small, stealing food. But when faced with a five-year prison term, or conscription in the Genevian military, she chose war.

She had no idea what that conscription would entail.

Rika Outcast

Rika is mech-meat, a cyborg killing machine, created by the Genevian military and cast aside when the war was lost.

Now she slings cargo on Dekar Station, falling deeper in debt as she struggles to make enough money to keep her cybernetic body functioning. The local gangs would love to have her join their ranks, and the takings would pay her bills, but the only thing Rika hates more than what she's become, is killing for others.

Rika Redeemed

Rika is a Marauder. 

After years of drifting aimlessly after the war with the Nietzscheans, she has finally found a home with the Marauders—a mercenary outfit comprised of Genevian veterans.

Back in the war, Rika hated her government, but always fought for the woman next to her. Now she fights for her teammates in Basilisk, an elite spec-ops team that takes on the toughest missions.

Rika Triumphant

Rika's Bucket List
* Survive war with Nietzschea - CHECK
* Deal with trauma of being sold at auction - CHECK
* Stop an assassination - CHECK
* Conquer the discipline chip in her head - CHECK
* Topple the Politica - CHECK
* Save the woman who once saved her - CHECK

Rika's demons have been put to rest, and she's been given command of a new company within the Marauders. A company composed entirely of mechs...

* Deliver unprecedented levels of ass kicking to Nietzschean Empire - COMMENCING

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Rika Commander

Rika has rescued the Allies’ Field Marshal. Now she has new orders.

After a harrowing fight and escape on the surface of Pyra, Rika finds that she has saved the life of one of the most powerful women in the galaxy: Tanis Richards. 

Tanis is building an alliance with the goal of defeating a far-off enemy called the Orion Freedom Alliance. The OFA is waging it’s side of the war through proxy nations, such as the Nietzschean Empire. 

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Rika Infiltrator

The Nietzschean Empire will never know what hit them...

Rika’s Marauders have defeated the Nietzscheans at Sepe, completing the Allies annihilation of the enemy fleet that attacked Thebes.

But Rika knows this is just the beginning. Field Marshal Richards has given her fresh intel and a new target: a planet named Kansas in the Blue Ridge System.  

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Rika Unleashed

Rika’s Marauders are reunited—almost.

In Iberia, five mechs are fighting for survival against an entire star system and Rika is bringing the entire force to rescue them. Upon arrival, they discover that time is of the essence and the time it takes to fly across a star system may be days longer than the stranded mechs have.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Rika will do the unthinkable to save her people—and just maybe a few billion others while she’s at it.

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Rika Conqueror

A mission to Parsons yields unexpected news...

When Chase travels to the Parsons System in advance of the main Marauder force, he stumbles upon a piece of intel that changes the course of the incursion into Nietzschean space. 

Now Rika must prepare to strike a the heart of the enemy occupation and begin the true task of freeing Genevia.