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2019 Aeon 14 Calendar!

I got this idea when I was thinking about all the amazing images we have from the photoshoots, and how there are a lot of compositions that don't work well for book covers. But what about a calendar? Well now, that's something else ;) The calendar features 6 completely new images, and 7 retouched book cover images. It also has major Aeon 14 dates in it that you can celebrate ;) Not only is it totally awesome, it's signed art! Grab it on Etsy.

Writing the Final Words of the Year (sort of)

Last week I finished the last book in the 6th episode of the Perseus Gate Season one, and once I complete the short story that will accompany the Perseus Gate eps 4-6 omnibus, I'll be pencils down for the rest of the year. Well, except for two books I'll be revising with co-authors. OK...nevermind, I guess there's no rest for the wicked ;)...

Big updates on the way to the site

As many of you may have noticed, the glossary, timeline and wiki on this site has fallen behind. A lot. However, that's all going to change. I've hired an expert at creating this sort of content to begin going through the books and drawing out the sorts of information the already on the site, and in the book's appendices, but also other information, like common drinks at different places, styles of government, throughout the stars, and a host of other details.