A Blight upon the Stars

A Blight upon the Stars

Legacy of the Lost
A Blight upon the Stars

A 1980s inspired SF Action romp filled with adventure, intrigue, and betrayal.

Claire Johnson has ushered in a new era for her planet and thrown her own life under the spotlight of the world. The internet, cell phones, and advanced spaceship technology. Paired with the AI Annabelle, Claire works to track down new technology before it's stolen by greedy corporations and rich millionaires.

There are those who will kill to get their hands on it and Claire races to save an old friend, uncover a long-buried capital ship, and finds herself face to face against an old foe.

It'll be up to Claire alone to stop a terrorist from obtaining the tech. Buried deep in an old installation, Claire discovers a secret that threatens to undo everything she's done. With friends in danger and at odds with her own government, Claire will put her life on the line to stop a nefarious AI from summoning the enemy right to their doorstep.

Unite the planet and survive. It just might be too much to ask.

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