The Warlord of Midditerra

The Warlord
Omnibus: Complete Trilogy

It has been decades since the New Eden colonists left Victoria and disappeared without a trace...

With no one left for her on Victoria, Katrina resolves to discover what happened to her missing friends. With a small starship, a crotchety AI, and more hope than plans, she leaves, following the route laid down by the great colony ship, the Intrepid.

When Katrina wakes from stasis, she finds herself over four-thousand years in the future, in a galaxy that has fallen to ruin. Her only hope is that the Intrepid is still out there somewhere, still trying build a future.

But Katrina faces enemies at every turn, ending up in slavery to a vicious man and his conniving wife. Katrina knows that her goal of freedom comes with a price, a price that will require her to become…


This omnibus of the Warlord Trilogy contains the following books:

• The Woman Without a World
• The Woman Who Seized an Empire
• The Woman Who Lost Everything

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The Warlord of Midditerra