Battle for New Canaan

Battle for New Canaan

The Orion War
Omnibus: Books 1 - 3 incl. Set the Galaxy on Fire
Battle for New Canaan

In the distant future, an ancient ship reappears, setting the galaxy on a course for war.

At the height of Terra’s Golden Age, the Intrepid, a ship laden with the most advanced technology known to humanity set out for a distant colony.

It never arrived.

Nearly five thousand years later the ship’s XO, Tanis Richards, awakens to find herself on a small freighter far from the Intrepid, lost in space and time. She has one mission: get back to her ship and find out what has happened to her people.

But it won’t be easy. In the intervening millennia, civilization has collapsed, and the Intrepid’s technology makes it the most valuable prize in the galaxy.

Now Tanis must team up with Sera, the freighter’s captain in an effort to save her ship. It’ll take all the cunning and courage the two women can muster as they battle everyone from pirates to interstellar governments in an attempt to reach the Intrepid first.

In doing so, Tanis and Sera forge a friendship that will forever shape the destiny of humanity.

Pick up Battle for New Canaan today and embark on one of the greatest Science Fiction tales ever written.

This omnibus edition contains the following four books:
Destiny Lost
Set the Galaxy on Fire
New Canaan
Orion Rising

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