Crisis In Silstrand

Perilous Alliance
Omnibus: Books 1 - 3

The Silstrand Alliance lies at the intersection of vast empires.

And they're losing ground...

Kylie Rhoads, one-time officer in the Silstrand Space Force, is now a junker. Captain of the Dauntless, she plies the black at the edge of the Gedri System, looking for derelict hulls to pull in and sell for salvage. So that she can bring Maverick his cut of the take...

But the Silstrand Alliance hasn't forgotten Kylie, and Maverick has something they desperately need.

Kylie finds herself caught up with old friends, enemies, and a rather terrifying new technology that will make or break whatever future her people have.

No matter what she does, or where she turns, Kylie cannot escape the threat that looms over Silstrand.

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Crisis In Silstrand