Fire in the Night Sky

Fire in the Night Sky

Legacy of the Lost
Fire in the Night Sky

In a world of music videos on television, punk rock, and roller derby, the race for space is finally on in this young adult SF adventure!

he United Federation has set a goal of sending a manned rocket to the moon; but rival countries will stop at nothing to plant their flags first—no matter the cost.

For Claire Johnson, that cost might be her life.

The seventeen-year-old spunky waitress wants nothing more than to honor her mother's memory by gaining entrance to the United Federation Space Program and doing her part for the mission. Yet her father wants Claire as far as possible from the very program he works for, something that steels her all the more.

In order to train for the space program's endurance test, Claire descends into the very cave system that claimed her mother's life. But deep within the caverns, she gets more than she bargained for. When the young woman escapes the depths, she's changed forever.

Hunted by the government, Claire questions her mother's true motives and the very nature of the world they live in. Secrets the world’s nations would do anything to control…

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