Hegemony of Humanity

Hegemony of Humanity

The Orion War
Omnibus: Books 10.5 - 13
Hegemony of Humanity

Star City has joined the war and Orion has fallen...

The destruction of New Earth’s moon and the capture of Praetor Kirkland has brought about the end of the Orion Freedom Alliance, but Tangel’s sacrifice has rendered the Allies unable to rejoice in their victory even as their focus turns to their next target: the Hegemony of Humanity.

With Tanis and Tangel gone, it falls to Jessica to take up the Field Marshal’s mantle and lead the Allies to victory as she strikes out at Kapteyn’s Star and then Sirius. Meanwhile, upon hearing the news of Tangel’s death, Darla—Tanis’s first AI—pays Earnest and Finaeus an unexpected visit, kicking off a chain of events that will see the Alliance’s true leader return as destiny’s collide at the very place humanity’s struggle to reach the stars began

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