Impulse Shock

Impulse Shock

Perilous Alliance
Impulse Shock

Kylie's mission is over. She's ready for a long vacation, but her enemies have other plans.

After an uneventful return to Silstrand Alliance space, Kylie is ready to finally move on. She has but two tasks left: deliver her brother to the authorities and testify at his trial. Tempering those somber duties are happy reunions with old and new friends as Kylie readies herself to end this chapter of her life.

But once Paul is on Silstrand's soil an attack on his life proves that not everyone is ready to move on. Some want their pound of flesh, others don’t want him to talk, and a shadowy figure has their sights on revenge.

With everyone Kylie cares about together once again together means that the danger is amplified and the risks increase. It's up to Kylie and the crew of the Barbaric Queen to find out who is really behind the attacks and wade through a battlefield of fire and blood to finally get their answers.

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