Rika Commander

Rika's Marauders

Rika has rescued the Allies’ Field Marshal. Now she has new orders.

After a harrowing fight and escape on the surface of Pyra, Rika finds that she has saved the life of one of the most powerful women in the galaxy: Tanis Richards.

Tanis is building an alliance with the goal of defeating a far-off enemy called the Orion Freedom Alliance. The OFA is waging it’s side of the war through proxy nations, such as the Nietzschean Empire.

After seeing the Marauders’ prowess first hand, Tanis approaches Rika with the offer of a lifetime: the resources and backing to topple the Nietzscheans and restore Genevia.

Upgraded and rearmed, the Marauders ready their new fleet, prepared to finish the fight that began so many decades ago.

A fight that will take them into the heart of Nietzschea

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Rika Commander