Tanis Richards: Shore Leave

Tanis Richards: Shore Leave

Tanis Richards: Origins
Tanis Richards: Shore Leave

Acclaimed Science Fiction author Malorie (M.D.) Cooper takes a stroll back to Tanis Richards’ early years in this page-turning series about a strong woman coming into her own and taking life by the horns.

It'll take two minds to solve this mystery...

After a seven-month tour at the edge of Jovian space, Commander Tanis Richards has come into port and she's looking forward to some much-deserved shore leave. Unfortunately, her commanding officer has other things in mind.

Enfield Technologies has developed a new technique to pair enhanced L2 humans with AIs, and the military wants Tanis to undergo the procedure. Though she feared the worst, after meeting Darla, Tanis realizes that having an AI—especially a fabulously wealthy one—is more advantageous than she'd ever imagined.

Darla foots the bill for Tanis to enjoy her convalescence at The Grand Eire, Vesta's most luxurious resort. Swimming in the infinity pool with a stunning view of space is just what the doctor ordered, but a restful vacation, is not in store for the commander.

Things go downhill when Tanis is enjoying a meal at one of the resort’s upscale restaurants. There she sees a man who should be nowhere near the posh venue—largely because she killed him a week ago.

This revelation thrusts Tanis is thrust into a shadowy conspiracy between elements within the Terran Military and the Jovians, threatening to bring down the entire Federation. The only problem is that when she gets to the bottom of it, what she finds is...none other than herself.

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