The Complete Perilous Alliance

Perilous Alliance
Omnibus: The Complete Seven-Book Series

Kylie Rhoads is a junker--a spaceship salvager who works illegally on the fringe. As captain, she lives on instinct which gets her in trouble more often than it doesn't. She thrives on strong coffee, bacon, and bad decisions.

But when the local military sets a trap for them they can't resist and when the Dauntless is caught red-handed, Kylie and crew will be at their mercy and Kylie's freedom is once again threatened. She has no choice but to accept a suicide mission no sane person would want.

So sets Kylie on a mission that pits her against dangerous enemies, betraying allies, and fleets of warships set on stopping her. Along the way, she'll face personal demons, confront her past, and have to fight her way through every step of the way.

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The Complete Perilous Alliance