The Genevian Queen: The Complete Series

The Genevian Queen: The Complete Series

The Genevian Queen
Omnibus: 1 - 3
The Genevian Queen: The Complete Series

Cyborg mechs. Explosive ground assaults and Fallen Empires. A queen will be forged out of fire and steel.

And she shall rise...

Rika and her Marauders have taken control of the Genevia System and reestablished their people’s independence—but the Nietzschean Empire will not give up easily, and forces are already aligned against her.

Battles of a different sort now loom, and if Rika wants to guide her people forward, she’ll need to officially accept the mantle of responsibility.

So long as she can rise to the challenge amidst the war that still rages against Nietzschea….

Follow along with Rika and her Marauders along in this three-book series to see if the conflict will finally be resolved.....

For the first time, The Genevian Queen Series in a complete set.

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