The Woman Who Lost Everything

The Woman Who Lost Everything

The Warlord
The Woman Who Lost Everything

Katrina's freedom has come at a cost. A cost too great for her to bear.

Though Katrina has seized control of the Midditerra System, she has more enemies now than ever before. Rumors that she is a powerful Streamer have begun to spread, and enemies of the Blackadder and Midditerra circle, looking for weaknesses they can exploit.

When Troy finds Katrina, he sees through her facade, past the wall and the iron fist, to the broken husk of a woman who remains within. He has the technology to heal her body, but there is nothing he can do for her spirit.

Katrina will have to find the strength to make herself whole, if she is to survive the wait for the Intrepid.

Though a part of her would welcome death...

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