The Woman Without a World

The Woman Without a World

The Warlord
The Woman Without a World

Two decades ago, the Intrepid disappeared without a trace during its journey to New Eden.

In the Kapteyn's System, Katrina has watched her generation die off from old age, while she--graced with the extended lifespan of Luminescent Society--persists. Few living still share her personal connection with the colonists aboard the Intrepid, and deny her attempts to form a rescue mission.

But Katrina is determined to find the colony ship. Even if that means taking a one-way trip into the dark to discover its fate.

When she wakes from stasis, Katrina finds herself over four thousand years in the future, in a galaxy that has fallen to ruin. Her only hope is that the Intrepid is still out there somewhere, trying to build a future.

But her problems are just beginning. Her ship is a treasure trove of advanced technology. Technology that the inhabitants of the star system in which she finds herself are prepared to kill for.

And so begins the next phase in Katrina's life. Spy, rebel, colonist, president, fugitive...Warlord.

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