Venusian Uprising

Venusian Uprising

The Sol Dissolution
Venusian Uprising

The Sol Space Federation has dominated humanity’s home system for over a thousand years.

Forged in the wake of the Sentience Wars, the federation has created a period of unprecedented peace.

But that peace is fracturing.

Katelyn Evans and her sister are part of the Scattered Worlds resistance—a group of freedom fighters from the cold planetoids in the far reaches of the system who want rights and more access to Sol’s greatest resource, the home star, itself. When she’s sent on a mission to deliver top-secret intel to resistance fighters on Venus, she becomes mired in a plot deeper than she'd ever imagined.

On the other side of the conflict, Staff Sergeant Williams, a Marine in the 242 has fought for Terra all his life. Coming off a special assignment with his platoon to protect the GSS Intrepid, Williams is back on Venus with the rest of his regiment, fighting a resurgent uprising on the planet.

When he stumbles across a separatist plot, he is thrust into the center of the conflict, working to save the planet from the Diskers and Venusian Separatists.

Which pits him directly against Katelyn Evans.

Faced with impossible choices that test their loyalty to their own people, and questioning what is right, Katelyn and Williams will face their worst fears in the midst of the Venusian Uprising.

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